Friday Dec 9, 2016 


Season's Greetings

Charity of the Gods

ICS has a solid plan to help those in need in 2017

James Brake, ICS




n behalf of all of us at International Conference Services, we wish you a joyous holiday season!


For many years, we have donated to a variety of charities in the name of our clients - particularly towards efforts that have had a direct correlation to their individual professional passions.


This year, we are switching gears slightly by beginning a charitable effort which we are calling our 'legacy project'. In lieu of a multitude of donations this year, we will instead be deferring our charitable funds towards a single future project.


We expect it will take us a few years to accumulate the resources needed to leave a lasting impact of scale, but the result will be an enduring reflection of our values and those of the clients we represent.

We look forward to sharing our progress with you throughout the coming year so you are also involved in our efforts to give back.

Thank you so very much for trusting in our abilities throughout the year and we'll see you in the next!


For more information on ICS activities in the community,


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