Tuesday Dec 27, 2016 

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Taking Turns to Dance

Dynamic art show Jan 15 - Mar 12 at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre

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ichaela Stefan, graduated in 1975 from the Choreography College of Bucharest, meets up with Michael Hamilton-Clark, a self-taught local wood-turner and retired civil engineer in eclectic mix of dance and art.


The show runs January 12 to February 18.

Opening Reception January 14, 1 P.M. to 3 P.M.

O'Connor Group Art Gallery at the Cultural Centre, 9201 Corbould Street.

Hours: 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. Wednesday through Saturday.


Michaela Stefan

A 1975 graduate of The Choreography College of Bucharest, Michaela became a principle ballet dancer performing leading roles in international repertoires. She developed an interest in painting as another form of expression and it has remained her main form of self-expression. Like dance, painting is an art form without words. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas and the majority of her pieces are in a fairly large format. Overall, the viewer is invited to look at each canvas on its individual merit and to move on with an appreciation of its meaning as conveyed through its composition and colours.

Michael Hamilton-Clark

Is a self-taught local wood-turner and retired civil engineer who uses mostly locally available woods from felled trees, branch trimmings and mill off-cuts. Whilst he generally has an idea what a piece is to be, each one is unique. Its actual shape will often appear to emerge as if it were there, just waiting to be released and bringing out the natural colour and grain pattern. The items that have been chosen for this exhibit are intended to show the range and variety of forms in his work as a wood-turner.






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