Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Cops Come Calling

iPhone theft leads to woman's arrest

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A suspect who allegedly stole an iPhone sits under arrest in a squad car Wednesday.


woman who allegedly stole an iPhone at a pawn shop on Victoria Ave late Wednesday morning, was caught with it a short time later a block away at another store.


Initially, when the owner of the phone realized it was missing, she remembered a Native woman near it, and put two and two together. She quickly had a friend call the missing phone, and an app revealed the location to be in the next block over.


So she did what anyone would do, and went looking for it.

She spotted the suspect in Chilliwack Traders, and told the owner, who promptly exited the store and locked the suspect inside, then called police.

"She hit me with a small toolbox," he told The Voice. "It didn't hurt, she didn't hit me hard."

When Mounties arrived, they brought the woman out and put her into a cruiser. Two female officers then searched her for the phone and found it.

The phone was returned to an elated owner and an unhappy suspect was handcuffed and taken away to be charged.


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