Monday, December 15, 2014

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Food Fracas

Sometimes hunger isn't why people steal groceries

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The IGA store on Menzies is a frequent target for shoplifters. Here, the manager speaks with RCMP. Below, the man is arrested and put into a cruiser.


he IGA on Menzies Street already gives plenty to the Chilliwack Food Bank, so, they weren't in a giving mood to a man who decided to help himself, just after noon on Monday.


Police attended the IGA and arrested the man who was being held by store staff, then carted him off to jail.


The Chilliwack community comes together frequently, such as last weekend's food mob, to ensure there's enough food available for people without the means to pay for it.


So, in the land of plenty, hunger may not necessarily be the issue when someone is stealing food.

In some cases, when a shoplifter is caught, they're given a ticket to appear in court and off they go with their day. In other cases, there may be extenuating circumstances, such as prolific offenders, and they may be detained and charged.

Before thinking of stealing food, people should consider visiting the Food Bank first. There's also Ruth & Naomi's, the Care and Share Centre and the Senior's Rec Centre for hot meals at various times during the day.

The Care and Share Centre is located at 45746 Yale Road. Contact the Centre by phone at 604 792 5285. Ruth & Naomi's is located at 46130 Margaret Ave, Chilliwack 604 795 2322 or via email here. The Seniors Recreation Centre is located at the corner of College St. and Victoria Ave.

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