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Ready for Four Years   

School Board trustees take oaths

Staff/Voice photos


SD33 trustees Walt Krahn (L to R), Martha Weins, Paul McManus, Dan Coulter, Heather Maahs and Sylvia Dyck last Tuesday.


hen School District 33 trustees were sworn in last Tuesday evening at the Board offices on Airport Rd., it was a low key event; a motion to accept the first agenda of their term, a couple of friends, a quick photograph or two, and it was over.


Trustee Paul McManus, the new face at the table, joins incumbents Dan Coulter, Silvia Dyck, Walt Krahn, Heather Maahs, Barry Neufeld and Martha Wiens and Evelyn Novak, Superintendent of Schools.


Krahn welcomed McManus to the Board.


"I'm looking forward to working with you for the next four years, collectively," he said.


After the meeting, The Voice had a chance to ask trustees Dan Coulter, Martha Weins and Heather Maahs what their focus is going to be over the next term.


Weins, who was liason with C.H.A.N.C.E., Cheam Elementary, Rosedale Traditional Community, Little Mountain Elementary, Fraser Valley Distance Education in the last term, says she's ready to start in "good faith."


She's back on the board mainly because her grand and great-grandkids want her there.


"I have family, great-grandchildren coming to these schools, and I have lots of kids coming to my house saying, 'You've got to be there for us, because you're our grandma.'


Weins says one of her strengths is the work she does in the schools as a volunteer, not just a trustee.


"I am dedicated to the children, doing lunches, and I've even done laundry in some of them."


Superintendent Evelyn Novak at the first meeting of the new term.


In his first term as trustee, Dan Coulter was liaison with FG Leary Fine Arts Elementary, Promontory Heights Community Elementary, Sardis Elementary, Vedder Middle, Watson Elementary


He says there's a lot to accomplish in the School District, but his focus at least in the immediate future will be on building ties with the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV).


He wasn't wasting any time getting on it.


"I'd like to see a stronger relationship with UFV. I'm holding in my hands right now, applications for apprenticeships. I don't okay them at all, but I'm going to be at the interviews."


Heather Maahs is raring to go and ready for the next four years instead of three. She likes that a year was added to terms by the Union of BC Municipalities.


"I'm looking forward to another productive four years and accomplishing more because we have the extra year that means that we can actually get things done without having to either be learning , or the campaign begins again."


Maas says with all the skilled teachers in the district, her focus will be student's personal academic achievements.


"That's always been my goal and continues to be my goal, making some concrete gains in especially with the special ed students. I want to see us doing a lot better in terms of reading and math," she said. "I am very very fond of phonics programs in the Orton-Gillingham.




Trustees get down to business at the next regular public meeting set for Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 7 p.m. when Walt Krahn, Board Chair, and Sylvia Dyck, Vice-Chair will be elected.


For more information about School District 33, visit www.sd33.bc.ca/board



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