Thursday, December 18, 2014

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When You Are A Pedestrian

Accidents up November to January

Submitted by Nancy Bryan,


Chilliwack first responders and BC Ambulance paramedics attend to an injured pedestrian Wednesday. Above them is a pedestrian crosswalk traffic sign.


t's dark and raining. A pedestrian in black clothing. It's all a recipe for disaster and last night it happened at Mary St. and Kipp Ave where a man was bashed by a car shortly after 8 p.m.


It's unclear if the man was actually in the crosswalk when he was hit. But, it doesn't matter if the person is in a clearly marked crosswalk or there is a traffic sign indicating a pedestrian crossing. It's a good idea never to assume that a driver automatically sees you at night just because you're in a crosswalk.


In October, ICBC launched their "Look, Listen and Be Seen" pedestrian safety campaign.


ICBC says that in BC, on average, 76 per cent more pedestrians are hit by vehicles from November to January when conditions are dark and the weather is poor compared to June to August.



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