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$20M Earmarked to Fight Prostitution

Calls for proposals from frontline agencies

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The Pacific Community Resources "Healthy Options" mobile bus offers a health contact point for drug addicts, prostitutes and street people.


oday, Justice Minister and Attorney General of Canada, Peter MacKay announced that the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act will come into force on December 6. The new criminal law provisions, together with new funding of $20 million to support programming for those who want to leave prostitution, provides a comprehensive approach to assisting victims of sexual exploitation and protecting Canadians from the harms of prostitution

"Prostitution is an inherently exploitative practice fuelled by the demand created by those who purchase sexual services. This new law aims to reduce the demand for prostitution, while the funding will assist those who sell their sexual services exit a destructive life. This law will contribute to safeguarding our communities from the harms associated with prostitution," said Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, in a release on Monday.

Through the Department of Justice Canada's Victims Fund, $10.47 million will be made available to support programming to help sellers of sexual services get out of prostitution. Front-line organizations will be considered for funding under a call for proposals, which is being launched today. Eligible projects will provide victims with services such as trauma therapy, addiction recovery, employment training and financial literacy. Projects that offer transitional housing, emergency safe houses and drop-in centres will also be considered.

"Today's announcement clearly demonstrates that we are using all the tools at our disposal to assist victims and make our streets and communities safer. That is why, very shortly, we will issue a call for letters of intent through our Crime Prevention Action Fund for community-based projects that assist individuals who wish to exit prostitution," said Steven Blaney, Canada's Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Under a second call for proposals, also available today through the Victims Fund, law enforcement agencies are eligible to propose projects that will support outreach activities to connect those involved in prostitution with both emergency and long-term services, such as those mentioned above. In addition, Public Safety Canada will issue a call for letters of intent in the coming days for projects that will assist those who want to exit prostitution. Through the National Crime Prevention Strategy, Public Safety Canada is committing $9.55 million to support community-based organizations in helping individuals who wish to exit prostitution.

Quick Facts

The Government of Canada is following through on its commitment to make our streets and communities safer by protecting victims and communities from the harms caused by prostitution.

Recognizing the significant harms that flow from prostitution, the Government of Canada is making new funding of $20 million available over the next five years (2015-2016 to 2019-2020) to complement the criminal law reforms that come into force on December 6, 2014.

The new resources demonstrate the Government's commitment to meaningfully support those exploited through prostitution.

Eligible organizations can apply for the following calls for proposals:

Department of Justice Canada's Social Programming Funding for Non-Governmental and Governmental Organizations, which will support eligible governmental and non-governmental organizations in providing or enhancing services that assist sellers of sexual services in leaving prostitution;

Department of Justice Canada's Social Programming Funding for Law Enforcement Agencies, which will support Canadian law enforcement agencies in providing new or enhanced support or outreach activities to assist sellers of sexual services wishing to leave prostitution, including victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation; and,

Public Safety Canada's Crime Prevention Action Fund, which will support eligible non-governmental and governmental organizations to develop tailored and comprehensive services to help individuals exit prostitution. Letters of intent for this funding will be accepted in the very near future.


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