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Jury Still Out on Alleged Vote Fraud

If proven, would it be enough to throw the election and call another?

Staff/Voice file photo Rob Canegie, City Deputy Chief Election Officer


here were news reports last week about allegations that some people voted multiple times in the last election. According to those reports, a meeting was called Friday with some of the candidates in order to establish the validity of the complaint(s).


The Voice wanted to know the outcome of that meeting and if there was enough evidence presented to throw the election and call another one.


Rob Carnegie, Deputy Chief Election Officer for Chilliwack, kindly responded to questions from The Voice on Monday, saying that they are still conducting their investigation "in response to complaints about improper voting."


"I can't yet say how long the investigation will take because we are still determining the scope of the concern. Based on our preliminary manual review of information, we don't believe that it is likely that the results of the election would be affected, but it is too early to offer guarantees," said Carnegie.


We contacted Elections BC to find out what their role is in this. According to Elections BC spokesperson Rachel Penner, Elections BC's role in local government elections is to oversee campaign financing and advertising regulations under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.


"Elections BC has no authority or role in the administration of local elections and is not involved with any investigation in Chilliwack. Each local government in B.C. appoints a local Chief Election Officer to administer the election for that municipality in accordance with the Local Government Act, which is not under the authority of Elections BC," she said.


"The independent, non-partisan Office of the Legislature is responsible for administering electoral processes in accordance with the Election Act, Recall and Initiative Act, Referendum Act and Local Elections Campaign Financing Act."

More on this story as it unfolds later.



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