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he very first item of business is our last council meeting, before Christmas begins, and so in light of that, rather than, as well as wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, I've invited two local musicians to come. I've asked them if they would choose two Christmas songs to sing and I know Shaw is busy taping it, so thank you very much Shaw for doing this.


This is a gift to the community wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. So the people that are singing for us today are Hannah Mackie and with Hannah is Mike Barton and what you may not know Mike Barton, is he's very special to the City of Chilliwack because his dad worked in operations for over 35 years. We're thinking it was probably closer to 40 years. So he has much to be proud of including his (dad's) exemplary work record here with the City, and without further ado, welcome Mike and welcome Hannah. we're looking forward to hearing your musical talents.

Watch Mackie and Barton sing Christmas carols  on the City of Chilliwack website here (see December 16, 2014 at 7 p.m.)

Thank you very much, that was absolutely beautiful and we thank you for starting out our Christmas celebrations, our holiday celebration, this way.

Throughout British Columbia tonight there are people that are celebrating this season, and celebrating it in different ways. Tonight, some of you will know is the first night of Hanukah for those who are of the Jewish faith. It starts tonight and finishes on December 24 this year.

Their celebration is a celebration that has lasted through many, many centuries to come to us today and people still around the world celebrate and it's a very important part of holiday tradition. In the Christian faith of course Christianity talks about this particular holiday being centered around Christ, the Christ child who was born in a manger and this is the time of year that we celebrate his birthday.

So, no matter what your faith is, no matter your beliefs are, whether you have none at all, or whether one of the faiths that I've mentioned is important to you, we just want to wish everybody a wonderful holiday season, a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Season's Greetings, all of the above, and wish that you and your families and people that you love have a safe and wonderful holiday together, and thank you very much again to Hannah and Mike for coming here tonight and telling us a little bit of their story and their faith and our faith.



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