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Fit as a Fiddle

Chilliwack Central School Second Day program a hit

Released by Asma Farooq, Chilliwack Division of Family Practice


Chilliwack Division of Family Practice leaders working out with students at Chilliwack Central Elementary Community School Society.


urrently just 7% of school age children are meeting the Canadian Guidelines of 60 minutes of fitness per day. Research strongly supports that children need an hour of active play daily to keep them hale, hearty and healthy.

Encouraging this message of healthy living, the Chilliwack Division of Family Practice, in partnership with Doctors of BC, led the month-long Be Active Every Day Challenge for students at Central Second Day.


Be Active Every Day, is an annual Doctors of BC initiative that helps kids become more active and make healthy choices.


In partnership with Chilliwack Central Elementary Community School Society, local family doctor Dr. Alison Henry coordinated a month-long challenge to kids: Be active 60 minutes every day in November. Similarly, doctors across the province have been going into their local school to teach children the value of daily activity and good nutrition through this fun and simple activity challenge.

Dr. Henry presented the challenge to the kids in the beginning of November. Along with the presentation, the kids watched a 4-minute video, and played games to get going. Participants also received activity books and promotional items, like balls and bracelets, courtesy of Doctors of BC. Listening to the heartbeats through a stethoscope before and after exercise turned out to be a favorite of the kids. In advance of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, this year’s challenge champions were soccer stars Emily Zurrer and Brittany Baxter from the Canadian Women’s National Team.

They helped motivate the kids to keep moving each week through a series of videos and a fun activity book. Katrina Bepple, Programs Lead at the Chilliwack Division has been engaging with Central Second Day since early 2013 to integrate the Healthy Kids Initiative’s Live 5-2-1-0 message and a health literacy component to the program.


So far, sessions have included Live 5-2-1-0 presentations on what the message means and interactive games like “The Price is Right! Vegetables and Fruit” and “How Much Sugar is in that Drink?!”. Other topics have explored “Where Does Our Food Come From?”, where children learnt what different seeds look like and where they are found. To wrap up, each child got a seedling tray to plant herbs to take home and grow.

Central 2nd Day is an after school program which serves over 50 students in grades 3 to 6, and provides opportunities for students to participate in formal arts, sports, and recreational activities and to connect them with a caring community of support where they can thrive and interact in a positive way with their peers, siblings, and adults. Central 2nd Day has also previously participated in the 60 Minute Kids Club and is an enthusiastic advocate of such challenges.

Students participating in the activity challenge got to learn about health, nutrition, and fitness from a medical perspective. The goal was to make a lasting impact on children and help them turn healthy choices into healthy habits. The challenge was all about fun and demonstrating why daily activity is so important for children.


At the end of the challenge, a closing ceremony was held to celebrate accomplishments during the month. Certificates were handed out and follow-up discussion revealed that the kids were keen to participate and lived the principle of daily activity through sports, dance and much more. The challenge proved to be a great opportunity for the kids at Central Second Day to learn about health from a local doctor.



For more information visit the Chilliwack Division of Family Pracitice and/or connect on Facebook here.




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