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Is the Canada of Our Dreams Really Becoming a Nightmare?

Wild salmon activists pressure political candidates in the run up to the elections

By Alexandra Morton/Voice file photos


Pulling Together For Wild Salmon at Skwah in Chilliwack July 2011. Below Chilliwack-Hope Liberal candidate, Louis De Jaegger, in front of his Bravo Restaurant on Yale Road with Stů:lō elder Eddie Gardner in protest of farmed salmon.


ild salmon just became an election issue. Stephen Harper knows it - do you?

You have an opportunity here as Harper has clearly fired too many scientists and stupidly used a picture of an Atlantic salmon to try to convince British Columbians that he is going to protect our wild salmon. Where are your posters?

Atlantic salmon are farmed salmon in BC, which Harper is changing the laws of Canada to protect while he runs Pacific salmon into a watery grave.

Harper has licenced more Atlantic salmon in BC than there are wild salmon!


So please step up and tell us you will get this dirty, aggressive, foreign, dinosaur of an industry away from our wild salmon.


Donít give this issue to Harper to stumble blindly through. Donít be afraid of the nip of this little industry, donít turn your backs on our wild salmon currently suffering high water temperatures after swimming through a bath of farmed Atlantic salmon waste and pathogens.


Protecting wild salmon is an election issue and I am here to help any of you who need the facts!


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