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Things Change

What will you pledge to do on Change Day Oct 15?

By Asma Farooq, Chilliwack Division of Family Practice


hat ignites your passion? What step – big or small – could you take to make the systems we work and live in better for those around you and for yourself?


On October 15, (15.10.15), we are inviting you to join an international movement by participating in Change Day BC and committing to making a change or trying something new to make things better.


We hope you’ll join us and make a pledge for your patients, clients, families, colleagues - or yourself! Pledges can be big or small. They can be related to any topic. They are voluntary and made by people passionate about changing care for the better. You can make your pledge online at

The Change Day movement to improve health and social care started in England. It has since grown to countries like Australia, Jordan and Sweden. Now it’s coming to British Columbia and to Chilliwack, Agassiz-Harrison and Hope on October 15, 2015.

Dr. Melanie Madill, Deputy Lead for the Chilliwack Division of Family Practice (CDFP) notes, “Change Day BC encourages the kind of incremental changes at the individual, organizational and community levels that eventually lead to the betterment of health care.”


The Change Day campaign started within England’s National Health Service, where pledges included leading a healthier lifestyle, spending a day in a wheelchair to better understand a patient’s challenges, tasting medicine to appreciate why children complain about its taste, and introducing oneself to patients – the phenomenal #hellomynameis campaign.


Even seemingly small pledges can come together to build a tremendous wave of action that contributes to improvements in our healthcare system. In England, the campaign received 189,000 pledges in its first year and over 800,000 in its second year.

Ken Becotte, Executive Director at CDFP comments, “Here at the Division, we are promoting Change Day BC to our membership and to community partners. The professionals in health care and community services go above and beyond; and Change Day BC stems from the recognition that it is their committed contributions that can vastly improve the system we work in.”


Change Day BC is being coordinated by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council and partners like us, who believe that British Columbia’s health, community and social care systems are powered by the creativity, passion and commitment of their patients, providers and administrators.

Colleen Kennedy, Director, Innovation & Engagement at the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council embodies this enthusiasm, “We are so excited about Change Day BC. We believe that each individual has the potential to create improvements through small acts of change. Our goal is to empower every person within our province’s health and social care system to pledge about what matters to them and what connects with their core values. We hope that each individual pledge will join together to create a ripple effect across the province.”

So now the question is… what will you pledge? Join the campaign at


One Day. 5000 Pledges. Unlimited Possibilities.



Learn more online at:

Instagram: ChangeDayBC and

Twitter: @ChangeDayBC and hashtag #ChangeDayBC.

For more info contact Asma Farooq, Communications Coordinator, CDFP via telephone at 604 795 0034 or email here.  Visit the website to learn more about Connect on  or Twitter @GP4Me




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