Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ryder Lake Rub

Get Your Goat

Stolen livestock returned and swallow conservation

Courtesy of Peter Whitlock, Ryder Lake Farmer's Institute


woman who owns and runs an organic goat dairy on South Sumas contacted us tonight re the theft and dumping of 3 milking goats.


The RCMP contacted her and told her that the goats were seen and have been dumped on a gravel road up by the Lookout Trail head.


These are milking goats; 2 white and one cream. One is a la Mancha (no ears). Please pen them up if you can and contact Peter Whitlock 604 824 7450 or Dorothy Bendsen at 604 858 4162 if they are found it would be nice to get them home.



Dorothy phoned last evening to let us know that through conversations had at the Flea Market yesterday sightings of the goats were followed up and they were found and returned home.

Thanks to Ryder Lake residents for their assistance in this rescue.


Swallow Conservation Project

Greg Ferguson attended our July RLFI meeting and gave a talk on the Swallow Conservation Project.  He was looking for assistance of Ryder Lake residents to monitor barn and bank swallow populations in June and July each year.

If you are interested in this project, below are the details and the website link. See below for a nest box plan drawn by Laurie Hirschman.

How You Can Help

If you would like to help with this project, please see the following information here.

Submit historical and current nest and roost locations through this Nest Data Entry Sheet

Help complete surveys and monitoring

Inform others about the project by sharing this Project Summary

Submit sightings of nests and important habitats for the following species: Barn, Cliff, and Bank Swallow; Barn, Short-eared, and Screech Owl; and Green Heron.

Advice and hands-on training for volunteers interested in helping with project activities is available upon request.

Upcoming Presentation:

The BC Swallow Conservation Project, in partnership with the Chilliwack Field Naturalists, will be having a public presentation about a collaborative project they're undertaking this summer in Chilliwack to raise awareness about the plight of swallows and undertake inventory and stewardship activities


For more information about the presentation, please see the poster (Swallow Conservation Presentation Poster) or contact Greg Ferguson via e-mail here.

Generous support provided by: BC Swallow Conservation Project, Chilliwack Field Naturalists, and BC Nature and the BC Naturalists Foundation.


Contact Information:

Greg Ferguson, R.P. Bio., B.Sc., Project Coordinator

Phone: 604 349 4760


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