Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ryder Lake Rub

A Thief Among Us

Victim looks for tips and leads as police investigate

By Brian S., Ryder Lake, Submitted by Peter Whitlock, RLFI


n Saturday between 2:30-3 P.M. our place was broken into (specifically a locked garage) and an attempt was made to take a large motorbike. The lone perpetrator very nearly was successful trying to drive the 'hot wired' m/c through a shallow ditch on his way to the road.


Fortunately, the 850-pound bike laid over and the guy had to leave it. I am lucky to have good neighbours who notified me and helped me get the bike back to the garage. (thank you Murray, Paul, Chantal, and Devon), also thanks to the elderly couple who stopped their car and notified my neighbour.

I have a pretty good picture of this crook on my security playback. He appears about 5'10" wearing a white shirt and khakis, wearing a lighter coloured ball cap and distinguished by a larger multi-coloured dark backpack. He appeared to be just on foot which makes me wonder if 'perhaps' he lives amongst us.

The RCMP have my tape and will try to enhance it. If so, I will try to get a picture off to you.

Just as a further note; he started his attack by simply walking up to the front door. I'm sure if I answered he would have been ready with a 'line' know ...gutters cleaned...grass cut I'm sharing this as I believe we are a better community by doing what we can to keep the bad guys away preferably in jail!

Anyone with information is asked to contact Cst. Wiese at the local RCMP detachment please call 604 792 4611


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