Monday, August 24, 2015


It's a Wrap

Party in Park ends on a high note

Staff/Voice photos


mcee Trevor Macdonald had the crowds pumped all night at the Party in the Park (PITP) finale, such a great guy and so talented. Nobody emcees like Trevor.


MLAs John Martin and Laurie Throness were out and about at the park. Martin is going on holidays to Campbell River, and we wish him and his wife a happy trip a safe return.


Martin brought greetings from the Province of BC and Councillor Sue Attrill brought a hello from the City Chilliwack.


Former Cultus Lake Park Board commish Owen Skoenberg and his wife had a great time showing some out-of-towners around. Their daughter, Bria Skoenberg hit the bigs in the jazz world in places like New Orleans and NYC a few years ago and hasn't looked back since. And what's a PITP without street cleaner Harold Zinke's bright smile. 


Emcee Trevor Macdonald hands over the mic to city councillor Sue Attrill who brought greetings from the City, as did MLA John Martin from the province of BC.


For the first time at PITP, BCAS were on-site. Paramedic Phill Bruce with his partner were looking after any medical issues people had. Des Devnich was also there and even former councillor Stewart MacLean, who was looking dapper as always.


Really super down-to-earth folks and a happy bunch.


Thanks to Kyle Williams and Sheena Bull who did such an excellent job stitching it all together.


Williams announced the BIA is losing Sheena, who apparently is moving on to other things. She has always been excellent to work with, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours.


Craig, a regular stage hand at Party in the Park, floored me with news that he is ill with thyroid cancer. He believes God will see him through the hardest part. He's such a great guy and so talented. We've had lots of laughs over the years. So sorry to hear he is sick. Our prayers are with him and we hope he has a speedy recovery.


Councillor Sue Attrill brought greetings from the City.


The highlight of the night for me was meeting Brandi. She, along with Sandy and others, have been huge supporters of The Voice. Awesome people. First time I met her and I was so proud and happy to be able to give Brandi some hugs and I kissed her hand like royalty for being so supportive over the years. Made my night.


Pictured above is Gerald Charlie, a remarkable local singer.


See ya next year!



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