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Kickstarting the Local Economy

NDP say they plan on business tax cuts

The campaign to elect Seonaigh MacPherson


Seonaigh MacPherson, NDP candidate for the Chilliwack-Hope riding met with Brian Coombes, President Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation, last week.


eonaigh MacPherson met with Brian Coombes, President of the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation, to discuss the NDP’s plan to kickstart the local economy. MacPherson laid out how an NDP government will cut small business taxes from 11 to 9 percent and how we will introduce an innovation tax credit for manufacturing to spur investment into technology. CEPCO stressed the importance of making federal funding initiatives available to local businesses.


“After 10 years of Stephen Harper, our economy is sagging. We need to kickstart the local economy and the NDP will start by cutting small business taxes from 11 to 9 percent. An NDP government in Ottawa will provide predictable and long term funding for infrastructure, housing and transit — this will help the residents of Chilliwack-Hope.”


Launch of Campaign video:

Seonaigh MacPherson’s campaign launched a video laying out her vision for the riding and why she’s running. Check it out here.



Friday, August 21st  – Party in the Park

Seonaigh MacPherson will be joined by her team to meet and greet with voters at Five Corners Park from 5 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.


For more information about Seonaigh MacPherson, visit www.seonaighmacpherson.ndp.ca


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Relieving Pressure on the Childcare Squeeze

NDP say they plan to create 110,000 new spaces in BC

The campaign to elect Seonaigh MacPherson

DP Candidate Seonaigh MacPherson today praised Tom Mulcair and the federal NDP for his commitment today in Vancouver to provide 110,000 affordable childcare spaces to British Columbia families.

“When two-out-of three children are denied access to regulated childcare at all in this province, it is no wonder that 32% of BC children entering Kindergarten were reported as vulnerable," said MacPherson. "In Chilliwack and Hope, we are well above the provincial average, with 39% and 49% of our school age children assessed as vulnerable. An NDP government will help to reverse these trends by investing in affordable, regulated childcare. Parents will pay at most $15/day and governments will fund the rest,”

“Under an NDP government, all children in Chilliwack and Hope will enjoy a better start in life. All families, including women, will not have to choose between providing adequate care for their children and earning a livable income for their families.”

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair brought his Campaign for Change to Vancouver today. Mulcair was joined by NDP MPs and new candidates from the greater Vancouver area to highlight his plan affordable childcare.

“Vancouver parents pay some of the highest childcare fees in the entire country and across the province, two out of three children don’t have access to regulated childcare at all and that’s got to change,” said Mulcair. “Stephen Harper’s plan isn’t working. He’s left parents unable to afford childcare - I’ve even spoken to mothers who say they’re being forced to choose between their careers and their children.” 

An NDP government will make life easier for parents with a plan for one million quality childcare spaces across Canada, at no more than $15 per day. In British Columbia, the NDP plan is expected to deliver more than 110,000 affordable childcare spaces to help middle-class families get ahead.

“As a former Cabinet Minister in Quebec, I’ve seen how investments in childcare can boost the economy and give families a much-needed break,” said Mulcair. "Liberals and the Conservatives both promised to create more childcare spaces and both created exactly zero. Mark my words: the NDP will get it done.”


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