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Kitchen Cooked

Firefighters deal with MacIntosh apartment fire

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A tenant shows Assistant Fire Chief Maljaars where some others may still be inside the building after a fire broke out in one of the suites at the Heather Ridge Apts. Saturday.


stovetop oil fire forced a few dozen people out of their apartments in the 45500-block of MacIntosh Ave early Saturday evening.


Firefighters were on it quickly which prevented the fire from spreading and causing major damage to adjoining suites.


Thankfully, there were no injuries, however some tenants with mobility issues couldn't properly evacuate, so there was some concern about them and fire crews had to go door-to-door to and help them outside.


BC Ambulance paramedics were on-scene and assisting tenants who may have been exposed to smoke.


The kitchen fire caused a half dozen tenants to be displaced and Chilliwack Emergency Social Services took care of those people and the building was eventually reoccupied.


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Chilliwack Fire Chief Ian Josephson's report.


Sprinklers Do Their Job

Unattended pot on stove activates fire suppression system


t 7:55 P.M., August 15, firefighters from fire halls 1 and 4 responded to a structure fire in the 45000-block of McIntosh Ave. Fire crews arrived on scene to a 4 storey apartment building that had been partially evacuated.


Firefighters entered a 3rd floor suite to find 2 sprinkler heads had activated, extinguishing a stove pot fire.


Firefighters confirmed the fire was out and shut off the sprinkler system. Fire and smoke damage was contained to the kitchen with water damage to two lower suites.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries.


Cause of the fire was accidental and was related to the owner leaving an unattended pot on the stove.


The Chilliwack Fire Department would like to remind residents not to leave the kitchen when using the stovetop. Also, if there is fire in a pot, do not try to remove it, leave the lid on the pot and turn off the element and let it cool down.





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