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Fear and Loathing in Chilliwack

Where Coms are treated like SOCs

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Police cleaned out a flophouse on Margaret Ave at the end of July. Some of them were crippled, invalid, seniors. Most were innocent of any crime.


here's war going on. It's not a highly publicized fish war. It's a war on the community. It just happens to be on a segment of the community with drug issues.

Take for instance, the melodrama at the end of July at a local flophouse on Margaret Ave. So, it's a flophouse. Big deal. The people have to go somewhere. You can't have them sleeping on the street.

Reports were that there was a home invasion and someone used pepper spray.


The cops were called and they roasted all the people inside. These guys didn't do anything. They were the victims. Most were innocent of any crime. But, two or three were detained, likely on minor breeches of probation, and they were tossed back into the system.


So, there's all kinds of skullduggery going on around downtown Chilliwack in the Bermuda Triangle of Crime. People have habits to support and because drugs are illegal, the community suffers the fallout with thefts and crime of all kinds.


Take a look at the people in the photos who were at that house. There were seniors and invalids, cripples, people with cute little doggies.


These people have no money. If there is money, it goes to the habit. So, the cops go there, take their drugs, and they're forced to go steal or sell their bodies to get more drugs.


Dangerous? They can't even afford food let alone a gun. But they're all treated like they're armed and dangerous.


A woman is taken away to a secluded spot to be searched by a cop of the same gender. Remember, these are the victims. Where is the probable cause and reasonable suspicion?


To these people, the cops are the face of hatred. Well, this is what happens when people are treated like criminals and they didn't do anything.


This cop looks angry. Why?  Below, a woman is terrified.

I was shoved down the block with a fist in the back with my media vest on. They wanted me out, despite the fact that others were sitting on their porches across the street where I was.

That kind of thing happens every day in Chilliwack.


The rock star politicians don't do anything. Why would they? This demographic isn't known to be big on voting.


Are tougher penalties going to stop the drug war? There's evidence it just exacerbates the issues. More crime, shootings, deaths. People are being killed and jailed for a little white powder. Then there is the tax burden to jail these people.


What polluters are doing to the earth is far worse than what people are doing to their own bodies with drugs. The former should be jailed, not the latter.






Now, the addicts are being forced to turn to the deadliest drug yet fentanyl.


It's as bad as Salvador out there.



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