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Down Home Music

FV Blues Society an open stage for locals

Cora Price, Yarrow


ora Price is the director and founder of the Fraser Valley Blues society.


"I wanted to get live music closer to home so out of that thought came the Fraser Valley Blues Society. Our non-profit society hosts, promotes and lives live music in the Fraser Valley," she said.

"We hold monthly jam sessions for musicians, as well as hosting live bands. Keeping live events close to home, affordable and having fun doing it is a rewarding experience.," added Price.

Part of the proceeds go to the Devon Clifford Foundation, founded by Devon's family to support young musicians through supplying instruments and education in music.

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About Cora Price

Cora has had a diversified career with a focus on business Starting at an early age, she assisted her father with his business by typing letters, helping with bookkeeping and acting as an administrator. Her first business in sales was selling greeting cards at the age of 6 to family and friends.

After graduating from high school, Cora began working with computers and became known as a techie. She has a natural curiosity for knowledge and a logical mind and is able to see clearly the steps and processes needed to utilize computerized technology to it's fullest and then explain those processes to others and document them as well.

Cora's experiences includes sales and marketing, accounting/bookkeeping, internet marketing and website development, computer technology, technology training and writing, business development, strategic planning, administration, manufacturing, systematization and procurement & purchasing.

She successfully purchased an existing business and grew it to international status. She exercised her exit strategy and sold the business. Due to the systematization she incorporated into that business, the passive income and the spread of customers, the business was able to operate anywhere and moved to outside Edmonton.

Cora is an active individual who contributes back to her community through volunteer work. She participates fully in lending a hand or her technology knowledge frequently to assist where it is needed. She has maintained a relationship with her "Little Sister" from many years ago, and has watched the troubled girl she was matched with, grow into a wonderful adult.

Cora's reads, travels, camps, networks, bikes, hikes, gardens, sings karaoke, frequents music festivals and tries to incorporate fun in whatever she is doing.

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