Saturday, August 15, 2015

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For Safety's Sake

Fire crews tend to mock plane fire

Photos by Chris Buchner,


Paid-on-Call Fire Brigade Chief from Hall 1 watches as his crews deal with the situation.

ast week, Chilliwack fire crews were at the airport practicing on a mock plane fire just in case the unspeakable happens, especially with more aircraft in town this weekend for the annual airshow.


Assistant Fire Chief Andy Brown told The Voice in an e-mail last week that the Chilliwack Fire Department has been working with the Airport Management Team and 2015 Chilliwack Airshow organizers for the past several weeks in preparation for the upcoming Chilliwack Air Show.


"We do this annually prior to the event," said Brown. "Our training focus has been on aircraft rescue and fire control, with the crews that are assigned to the event. Our role during the event is to provide for pilot, spectator, and public life safety."


The 24th Annual Chilliwack Airshow is a free community event August 15 and 16. According to their website, "volunteers from the Flight Fest Society have been working diligently since the end of the of the 2014 airshow to bring the community of Chilliwack, and surrounding areas, another spectacular free family event".  



The Chilliwack Airshow is one of only a few free airshows left in North America brought to you by local businesses and completely staffed and organized by volunteers.



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