Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Chilliwack student aces big exam

Released by Vivian Tse, CPA


hilliwack’s CA student, Michael Mitchell, passed the three-day national Uniform Evaluation (UFE) exam, which was administered by the legacy Chartered Accountants School of Business (CASB) in June. A total of 125 B.C. and Yukon writers have successfully completed the exam, announced today by the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC) and the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB).


“On behalf of the CPABC Board of Directors and CPABC, I congratulate these students for successfully passing the UFE,” said Olin Anton, FCPA, FCA, chair of CPABC. “We welcome them to the ranks of B.C.’s professional accountants.”

In order to become designated, students must complete rigorous course work, pass the UFE, and work for 30 months in an approved training office. The national UFE ensures all Canadian chartered accountants meet the same high standards, which are recognized nationally and internationally.

“I am pleased to report that we have 417 successful UFE writers in Western Canada in 2015. It is so gratifying to see the success of this last group of writers, and we congratulate them as they start their careers as professional accountants. This UFE marks the end of the CASB legacy program, but we are excited to start celebrating the future achievements of the students who are now progressing through the new CPA program,” said Steve Vieweg, FCPA, FCMA, CEO of the CPA Western School of Business.

CPAWSB delivers the nationally-developed CPA professional education program in Canada’s western region. Throughout the program, CPA candidates develop the competencies expected of professional accountants, developing technical skills and enabling competencies as they grow in professionalism and leadership.

About CPA British Columbia
The Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC) was formed through the amalgamation of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC (ICABC), the Certified General Accountants Association of BC (CGA-BC), and the Certified Management Accountants Society of BC (CMABC). CPABC was officially established when the CPA Act came into effect on June 24, 2015. CPABC represents over 32,000 members and almost 6,500 legacy and CPA students and candidates.

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