Friday, August 28, 2015


Air Show Photos

A day on the tarmac

Staff/Voice photos


Daredevil brothers Bud and Ross Granley put on a special show Saturday.


omeone wrote today asking if the air show photos had been posted yet and I've been slow to get to it. My apologies for that and also for the quality of the shots. But you are going love these! Don't forget to right click and save 'em. Thanks for looking and for your support!


American ace stunt pilot Jon Melby holds his hand over his heart when the US anthem was played.


Trevor Macdonald, the man with the big voice and great smile.









This dog couldn't walk so the owners found a way to take him.



BCAS Paramedics reportedly contributed $10,000 to the event.



                      She'll like this pic if she finds it.



Grandpa gets to take the shot. I love people pics. Don't you? They're the most fun.










The Lounge Hounds get better every year. They put on a great show Sunday. Amazing band who knows how to have fun on stage.













Need a vehicle? Dan McGuire is your man over at O'Connors on Yale Rd. Just a great guy.






I love people like this.


and this




This was a fun shot. I hope they visit and right click and save the pic.



                        Remember the possibilities when you had one?


These are such great people. You don't know friendly until you know them. I've loved taking their photos over the years. Thank you so much.



Thanks you guys!


This is a great photo for mom. Hope he gets is.


These gents had a lot of fun. With a job like theirs, fun is important.


I asked if I could take a photo of him and his medals and he was only too happy to oblige.


A mom and her son. Even pooch was smiling for the camera.





                        I sent this photo to Coast to Coast. They like stuff like that.










I love people shots. Aren't they great?


We all love our mini donut lady!




                         I loved the outfit and wanted a photo. Thanks!




Wish this photo turned out. It's such a great bud pic.



                         Jon Melby put on a stunning show.





I talked with this gent for quite a while and wanted to write his story but unfortunately haven't had time. He builds planes from scratch. Cuts the metal, wrenches the engines, everything. He had a great tale. I just love people like this. Friendly and open.





Who says planes are just for guys?




Our local BCAS paramedics. Bucky's in the centre. He's such a great guy. I love this guy. I've taken many photos of him over the years. He's the kind of guy you want saving your life. If you're lucky, he might even tell you a joke while he's at it. He's in Mexico right now, deservedly so. Yah mon :)





Lyn is so awesome. You really have to get to know her if you can.


Is the hair real?


Remember RCMP Cpl Len Van Nieuwenhuizen? Who could forget the nice big man?


A keeper photo.


"Can I take your photo?" I asked. "Why?" he responded. "Because I need lots of smiling man faces for my women readers."





                        Oh boy!


They gave Owen Skonberg a brand new buggy and he tripped around handing out water.


                      On top of the world.



It was so good, I asked him if he could do it again. See below.



These troopers were collecting donations. Remember them?



She had the shirts for two bucks.


Tanya at Star FM always has a blast with the Kindness Crew. It's been fun taking her photos over the years. Just a super person. You definitely need to stop by, say hi, and find out for yourself.



The Ninety-Nines are all about women pilots. What a super bunch, Please support them if you can. They're doing such great work with the kids.


Now, that's a great smile. The camera loved this guy.


She was fixing her hat using her reflection in the aircraft. Future pilot, ya think?


The local cadets are always so appreciative of photos. Don't forget Battle of Britain Sept 13. Bring your camera :)

































Thanks for looking.