Saturday, August 16, 2014

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A Bad Scene

Woman hit by pickup was allegedly being punched

Staff/Voice photos


A witness assists an injured woman on Lewis Ave. Friday. A youngster is visibly upset while the pickup driver looks on.


woman was injured in a disturbing incident on Friday when she was hit by the pickup truck she was a passenger in. 


At around 2:30 p.m., an off-duty paramedic alerted police after spotting a woman allegedly being punched by a male driver.

According to reports, the woman tried to avoid the blows and jumped while the truck was in the 45000-block of Lewis Ave.

Police and emergency crews moved in quickly, and found the woman prone and unmoving on the sidewalk.

To make matters worse, two kids were in the truck and witnessed the alleged abuse take place. One terrified youngster was crying.

Eventually, the embattled woman sat up and BCAS paramedics took her to Chilliwack General. There's no word from police regarding the woman's injuries, or if charges were laid. More on this later.


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