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Pillar of Strength

Chilliwack strongman pulls for charity

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Scott Wallace pulls a truck at Party in the Park last Friday.


hilliwack has a strongman and his name is Scott Wallace. With tree trunk arms that are bigger than most people's legs, no one's going to kick sand in his face at the beach.

Last Friday, the local bodybuilder was his own event within an event at the final Party in the Park of the summer. Wallace hoisted an array of very heavy objects and dragged a 40,000 lb. Canex flat deck truck 50-feet down Victoria Ave. for charity.

Wallace is such a showman, you could have brought the whole city down to see him alone, never mind Party in the Park.

For Wallace, performing for the crowds was great fun, but there was a serious side to his event. The stunts were part of a Supplement King campaign to raise money for a playground at A Nice Place to Be Childcare Centre in Sardis.


So far, the campaign has raised $1,092 of the $3000 goal with 12 days left.

Before pulling the truck though, he warmed up on a couple of items like a car axel with wheels, an extra heavy dumbbell and tossed a full keg around like it was a toy. He didn't drop anything and there weren't any spotters either.

Wallace best describes the action on his Facebook page;

"Opened with a Press Medley 250 lb. Axle, 210 lb. Log, 110 lb. Dumbbell, 230 lb Keg. Then I repped the 100 lb. Dumbbell for five. Moved onto to Axle Deadlift of 550 lb. x3 and then 550 lb. with a Static Hold for photo ops. Then I did 270 Log for a double and then repped the Keg overhead for three. That was enough overhead...break time then Truck Pull."

Moving the truck 50 feet was more difficult than the big man anticipated. But, he got the job done.

Afterward, Wallace gasped for air and posed for selfies. He took a moment to speak with The Voice.

He's pulled trucks before, just not as big. It took every ounce of energy he could muster to get it moving.

"Usually they're around 30,000 lbs. This is a little heavier than normal, but that's alright" he said.

Wallace works out at the Cheam Centre at Garrison. On Saturday, he was right back training again and carried a 270 lb. keg for 60 ft., 500 lb. trapbar (250 lb. farmers) 40 ft. and then did a duckwalk with 230 keg for 20 ft.

Wallace poses for a selfie with a young fan.


Wallace is in training for the Strongman National Competitions this October in Reno where he'll run the Medley and the Keg, Carry and Load events.

He says he feels great but wants to work more on his conditioning and staying healthy especially after injuring a bicep recently.

"The bi feels good so that is a huge positive," he said.


On Friday, Wallace pulled for charity. In October, Chilliwack is going to be pulling for him.

Connect with Scott Wallace on www.facebook.com/ScottWallaceStrongmanCompetitor


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