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Bringing Up Baby

Meadow Rose Society helps moms in need

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Price Smart shoppers line up for Meadow Rose hot dogs with all the fixin's.


t wouldn't feel like summer without at least one barbecued hot dog. On Saturday, Meadow Rose Society Executive Director Kathereen Kessler and associates were under the familiar awning at Price Smart Foods selling hot dogs to raise money to help mothers throughout the Valley.


Price Smart generously provides the barbeque to groups wanting to raise money and a gives them a discount on supplies.


Kessler told the Voice on Sunday that by the end of the day they generated $350. They also had a draw for a hamper full of baby things for mothers.


The money will go putting together infant care packages.


According to the Meadow Rose website, their mandate is "working with our community to ease hunger and the needs of impoverished of children under the age of three by acquiring and supplying the basic needs for these children and to be the voice of our community to promote public awareness of the needs."


It's taken a lot of hard work getting the Society to the point where it's functioning from Chilliwack to Boston Bar. Kessler stresses that it can't be done without the generous support of sponsors.


"Things are going extremely well with Meadow Rose. We are one of Chances Casino signature charities," she said. 


Clients also get clothing and household furnishing help from StreetHope New & Used on Young Rd.


Kessler wasn't sure off-hand how many use Meadow Rose Society services.


"Every week we have new clients, and I don't know the exact number we have right now, I would have to look it up, but we have huge community involvement," she said.


For more information, visit www.meadowrosesociety.com


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