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Mind Over Metal

Enthusiasts from US and Canada converge on Heritage Park for a treasure trove of fun

Submitted by Mark Lewis, FV Treasure Hunters


Fraser Valley metal detecting enthusiasts search for hidden items July 26 at Heritage Park. Below, guess the weight of the metal objects to win a prize was one of the fun things laid out at the Annual Treasure Chest.


his past weekend in Chilliwack, the Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters held their 2nd Annual Treasure Chest at Heritage Park in Chilliwack.


In the center ring we had 50 hunters from Oregon, Washington, the Okanagan, the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.

Over a time frame of 10 Hours, the hunters took part in 8 hunts. The first hunt was very simple find a buried token, try the combination to open a lock, the winner would receive their $75 back.


The 2nd hunt, the participants were broken up into teams, they had to find tokens to spell the word silver, the winning team received a Silver Canadian Half Dollar for each Member.

The next hunters were the tried and try find as many coins and tokens you could in an allotted time, the coins you kept, the tokens you traded for prizes.


The prizes ran the gamut from Silver Canadian 5 cent pieces, hats, aprons, books, small appliances, tools, and the list even includes mini gold replica coins.

The last hunt of the day was Roy's Birthday Hunt. The entry fee for this hunt was not included in your hunt admission. To enter this ring you had to bring a store bought wrapped gift, you go into the ring and find a special token, you then trade this token for one of the other wrapped presents.


A very nice peaceful way to end the day of hunting.

I would be seriously amiss if I did not mention the wonderful magnificent dinner we had at the Greek Islands in Chilliwack, which was included in the entry fee.

It was a long day but boy was it a BLAST!! Watch for us July 15 2015 for the 3rd Annual Treasure Chest, see you there.


For more information about Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters, visit here.




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