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The Faces Behind the Food

A little Chilliwack resident beat out hundreds to win the BC Farmer's Market Association Selfie Contest

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Locals picked up Chilliwack-grown fruit and vegetables and baked items at the Downtown Chilliwack Farmer's Market on Saturday. 


ropagating a farmer’s market takes a lot of work. Just ask Lisa Peach who has cobbled together some of the best food producers in Chilliwack at Five Corners.


In the few short weeks of its existence, the Downtown Chilliwack Farmer's Market has become iconic and a Saturday staple in the neighbourhood.


Peach is very pleased with vendor and shopper turnout, and with how things have been going in general.


“We've gone from 4 vendors the first week to 15-20 every week now,” said Peach


She says there’s plenty of room for expansion in the lot next to the niche park and welcomes all vendors providing they’ve “made it, baked it or grown it”.


Peach and her husband tend a vegetable garden of their own and decided to sell the extra produce. That’s when they became involved in the Farmer’s Market scene.


For the past few years, the Chilliwack Farmer’s Market was under different ownership and situated in the Minter Country Store parking lot on Young Rd.


Last year, the market’s future came into question and the Peaches jumped in and happily took over the reins. One of the first things they did was move it downtown within range of more people.


“I wanted a really great venue for the people of Chilliwack. It needed to be a little better than what it was previously,” she explained. “We spoke to the Downtown Business Improvement Association and the City of Chilliwack, and they were 100 per cent behind us. We had so much support from them."




The Tong family are regulars at the local market. They’re going to be big shoppers for a while after winning a $500 gift card and a canning set in a selfie contest from the BC Farmer's Market Association


"I didn't know anything about it until a couple of days ago," said Peach of the Tong’s win. "Now, they have these vouchers for things at our market and other markets throughout the Fraser Valley."


Sabrina Tong entered the contest on Facebook and beat out contestants from across the province with a photo of their youngest daughter Emily, with dimples to die for.


"You put it up and you get the most likes or votes. I campaigned with friends around the world and we ended up with 855 votes, and she won," said Tong.


The Tong family won a $500 gift card and a canner set in the BC Farmer's Market Association selfie contest with a photo of their daughter Emily (C).


When asked what she thought people liked about the photo, Tong wasn't sure, saying her daughter was just being her sunny self.


"She had carrots and vegetables behind her and she was excited and happy."


With dozens of tables loaded with farm fresh produce, meat and baked items to choose from, one hungry shopper told the Voice he was driving by, saw it, and made a quick decision to pull in.


One man told the Voice that he noticed the market while driving by and made a quick decision to pull in. He was glad he did with the "awesome" selection of farm fresh produce, meat and baked items to choose from.


“I'm just picking up some fast lunch and now I'm going to sit on the grass and listen to the live music,” he said nodding at the stage area where musicians Chantele Delaine and her husband Dan McGuire were playing.


Chilliwack will be seeing more of this talented couple who are licenced to busk at various locations throughout the city.


The Chilliwack Farmers Market runs rain or shine every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. until October 11. For more information visit www.chilliwackfarmersmarket.com.


Connect on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DowntownChilliwackFarmersMarket



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