Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Police defuse dangerous knife situation

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A Chilliwack Mountie helps a fight victim to his feet after arresting a knife-wielding suspect Thursday at Princess and Young Rd.


hilliwack RCMP took no chances Thursday and locked down the intersection of Yale and Princess after reports of a fight and a man armed with a foot-long knife who was screaming at people at the Salish Plaza Starbucks.


Every available officer in the area was on the scene within a couple of minutes. Police arrested the extremely agitated man without further incident. However, after being arrested, the enraged suspect tried to kick out the back window of the cruiser.


The victim was reported to have been in his motherís car at the time of the take-down. To be on the safe side, the victim of the physical altercation was taken down and handcuffed until police could sort out who was who.


Itís unclear how much force was needed to disarm the suspect and if he was dealt with under the Mental Health Act and taken to Chilliwack General Hospital. RCMP have been mum about the incident.


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