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Caravan to Ottawa picks up steam in Chilliwack

Released by Peoples Social Forum/Voice photos


Local environment advocate Eddie Gardner holds up a fist in an iconic salute. He's joined by activists and a member of the Caravan to Ottawa (L) crew. Below Michael Hale from the anti-pipeline group Pipe Up Network and his wife speak with Richochet magazine editor Derrick O'Keefe.


visit to Conservative MP Mark Strahl's office Friday at Noon was one of the first stops on a cross-Canada Caravan to the Peoples Social Forum in Ottawa later this month.


This event at MP Strahl's office (7388 Vedder Rd #102, Chilliwack) today from Noon to 1pm will feature members of the Pipe Up Network in the Fraser Valley, who have been raising awareness about the dangers of the proposed new Kinder Morgan pipeline.

“In addition to taking people to Ottawa, the Caravan will hear from people across Canada who are fed up with the Harper government and want to send a message on to Ottawa,” O’Keefe explained. "All across BC we're collecting messages from people concerned about the tar sands pipelines like Kinder Morgan."

A broad range of social activists from British Columbia are travelling to Ottawa to take place in this unprecedented meeting of progressives from Quebec, Canada and First Nations communities.

In 1935 the ‘On to Ottawa Trek’ became a political flashpoint in the midst of the Great Depression, as men from workcamps hopped on freight cars to head for the nation’s capital to protest. The trekkers were severely repressed and stopped in Regina, but the Trek helped lead to the defeat of the Conservative government of the day.

The On to Ottawa Caravan to the Peoples Social Forum will pick up additional passengers and hold events and art displays across Canada over the next week, stopping in Langley, Kamloops, Calgary, Moose Jaw, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, Kenora, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury and other points in between before reaching Ottawa in one week.

Short notice of the Caravan to Ottawa meant just a small contingent met them at MP Mark Strahls's office on Friday. The group will be stopping at Conservative offices all along the way.  According MP Mark Strahl's staff, he was not around  at the time of the rally Friday.

The Peoples Social Forum is endorsed by a broad range of organizations, including the BC Federation of Labour, and will include thousands of participants from various social movements, unions, universities and First Nations from across the country will debate and explore different avenues in terms of economy, work, governance, democracy, intergenerational equality and environment.

For more information or to register: You can follow the Caravan's progress on Twitter @SocialForum_BC #oto2014


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