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Federal government lacking in recognition of service














ur Government and our nation as a whole are way behind the times in the recognition and honouring of our Troops. It took the wives and spouses of our soldiers and the Red Friday Campaign to open the eyes of millions of Canadians to realize what it means to serve our Country as a member of the Military. To open the general public's eyes to this non-political and non-partisan event, Mr. Steve Madely, host of the Morning Show at 580 CFRA, an Ottawa and Ottawa Valley radio station has done a superlative job in organizing and promoting a huge Red Friday rally to take place on parliament hill, Friday September 22nd.

Branches of the Royal Canadian Legion in the Greater Ottawa area are committed to attending in full Legion regalia as a further show of support to both our Troops and in support of the spouses and families of our Troops. Fellow citizens, I believe our nation and our governments over the last 40 years are very late and extremely remiss in the way that Canada recognizes the accomplishments of our Troops and the role they play in so many things Canadian. We as a nation need to show our care and respect of our Troops in a more meaningful way and we need to act now, not just once again discuss it as an agenda item for future consideration. I have no idea what has been proposed or what is being proposed by our Government but the time has come to honour our soldiers that have served our country since the end of WW II when the last of the 1939-1945 Star medals were given out for active service.

What is missing is the need for our Government to support our Troops, past and present by honouring them with medals of recognition for service to their nation. There should be a number of medals issued to our Troops that have since the end of WW II continued to volunteer to serve their nation, Canada. What I feel is missing from the slate of medals to name a few that should be struck and issued would be along the lines of the following:

1. A “new” Korean Star 1950 -1953 for two full months service on active operations for Army, Navy and Air-Crew.

2. A “new” Canadian Volunteer Service Medal granted to persons of any rank in the Naval, Military or Air Forces of Canada who have voluntarily served as an Active Service Person and honourably completed eighteen months (540 days) total voluntary service from March 2nd, 1947 to Present. (The previous Volunteer medal was for a period from September 3, 1939 to March 1, 1947.)

Regarding the new “ Canadian Volunteer Service Medal”: after completing the total 540 cumulative days of volunteer service, there should be an additional Bar for every 10 year period of unbroken service after the issuing of the medal. ( i.e. after serving 18 months and 1 day, there would be a bar added to the Medal. After serving another 10 years, there would be a second bar added to the Medal and subsequent bars for each additional 10 years of completed unbroken service.

3. A “new” Cold War Star, for two full years volunteer service in Canada's regular, militia or reserve forces from March 2nd, 1947 to December 25, 1991 and finally,

4. A “new” Afghanistan Star for any Army and Navy personnel that have served for two full months service on active operations, or Air crew that served on two supporting operations in support of the War in Afghanistan.

5. Also there should be a “General Theatre of War Star”, a general Star medal that would have Bars added for any area of Service a service person served that was in at Theatre of War. This medal would only be issued to service persons that have served out of Country, in an area classed as a Theatre of War. i.e. for a soldier that served in Bosnia, they would wear the General Theatre of War Medal with a “Bosnia” Bar, This medal would be issued for even serving one day in a Theatre of War.

And just to get this straight, can we leave out a whole bunch of bureaucratic red tape to get these medals, things like excessive periods of times served. I think what I have indicated doesn't need a lot of re-visiting as that would only delay what needs to be done now.

Perhaps some of our great Canadian artists could be involved to participate in the design of these medals?

Because of the efforts of so many Canadians being involved to support and bring about “Red Fridays” to show our love and support for our Canadian Military, I really believe that it would be our present Government, the Government of the Day that would do a couple of things, First they make the 3rd Friday of every September for all time, an annual National Day of Recognition to show our support of our soldiers and their families and second, they get to work on producing some long over due medals for our Troops.


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