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Small pleasures photo Queer Art Fest featuring Karin Lee runs May 12 to August 18 at the new Main Street Gallery.












UM Gallery​, Canada’s only queer multidisciplinary gallery, is excited to announce the opening of its  inaugural exhibition, QueerSUM . Presented in partnership with On Main Gallery and curated by Paul Wong and SUM  Artistic Director SD Holman, QueerSUM exhibits work by artist Karin Lee.    


“We wanted the first artist exhibited at SUM, which is located in the heart of Chinatown, to be Chinese. We wanted an  artist with deep links to Vancouver's Chinese and queer communities both, a woman whose work was challenging and  transgressive and queer. In other words, we wanted Karin Lee, a local artist who is 4th generation Chinese Canadian.”  — Paul Wong and SD Holman, curators of Karin Lee: QueerSUM​


Karin Lee: QueerSUM  

Exhibition Dates:​ May 12, 2018 to August 18, 2018 - Tuesday to Saturday, 12 to 6pm - by donation 

Exhibition Opening:​ May 12, 2018 - 2 to 4pm  Artist Talk: May 17, 2018 - 7pm 

Location:​ SUM Gallery #425 - 268 Keefer Street, Vancouver    


About the Exhibition 

Queer-sum: a “Chinglish” translation and play on the words Queer Love, alludes to queer attraction that people  experience, even though they believe themselves to be straight identified—or queer-sum (sum=heart=love).  QueerSUM presents three of Karin Lee’s media works: a 2-channel remix of her classic 16mm film ​ M y S w e e t P e o n y, a  fantastical drama shot in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden; ​ P o r t r ait o f a Girl, a documentary shot in Beijing;  and ​ S m all Ple a s u r e s, a period drama set in Barkerville BC.    


The works not only investigate sentiments of being “Queer-sum,” but pay tribute to Vancouver’s Chinatown—where Lee  spent her childhood—and examine the underlying racism which contributed to the very creation of “Chinatowns” amidst  the colonization of Indigenous peoples. About the Artist  Born and raised in Vancouver, Karin Lee is a unique storyteller whose critical voice and perspective touches on the past  and the present, both local and international.


An artist who constantly traverses new territory, Lee challenges film and  media forms and addresses new audiences. Themes of trans-Pacific migration, gender, identity and intercultural contact  surface in her documentaries. Lee received the Mayor’s Arts Award for Film and New Media Artist in 2014 and the  Spotlight Award from Vancouver Women in Film and Video Society in 2017.   


About SUM Gallery 

SUM Gallery is one of the only permanent spaces worldwide dedicated to the presentation of queer art. SUM produces,  presents and exhibits with a curatorial vision favouring challenging, thought-provoking multidisciplinary work that pushes  boundaries and initiates dialogue. Internationally-known for producing the annual Queer Arts Festival, recognized as one  of the top 5 festivals of its kind worldwide (​ M elb o u r n e H e r ald S u n), SUM brings diverse communities together to support  artistic risk-taking, incite creative collaboration and experimentation and celebrate the rich heritage of queer artists and art.


For more information about SUM Gallery visit, queerartsfestival.com

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