he Palestinians themselves are Semites because they are descendants of Abraham, but also with Egyptian, Hittite and Canaanite DNA. The Jews themselves have much Gentile DNA.

It is wrong for secular Israel to claim the land as theirs only.  Before it was split many Palestinians and Jews were friends and good neighbors.  Jerusalem is the holiest location of both, and Bethlehem and other holy sites are of great significance to Christians. Someday probably the area will be one nation where Palestinians are citizens along with Jews living in mutual love.

Last year I saw a wonderful program on channel 6 about a Jewish orchestra conductor who arranged frequent trips to teach Palestinian young people to play musical instruments and become an orchestra. He was doing the same with Jewish young people in his own neighborhood in Israel. Then he got parents to agree to let them cross the border to play together. Eventually they all went on tour in Europe and played for Holocaust victims. It is on YouTube. Since then another Arab-Israeli orchestra plans a trip to the USA.

There are groups of youth and of women named Musalaha which consist of Jewish and Palestinian Christians.  They have fellowship and special events when they find they have a lot in common.  They promote harmony. Read about them on Google.

President Trump’s decisions to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, were the front page concern in the February 2018 Canadian Anglican Journal.  Other churches in other nations have also expressed concern. The archbishop of Canterbury wrote “The status quo of the city of Jerusalem is one of the few elements of hope for peace and reconciliation for Christians, Jews and Muslims in the Holy Lands. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” 

A long term prayer of Evangelicals everywhere, has been for the peace of Jerusalem. 

For the history and problems, visit here if you want to read more. Or click Palestine and read the article on Wikipedia.

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