Saturday, April 23, 2016 

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The Save Shot

Crisis? What Crisis? Local politicians don't think there's a drug problem, but...  

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Paramedics administer naloxone to an overdose victim Friday.


eports of a 25-year-old man slabbed out next to Salish Pond, and showing signs of a heart attack, brought medics rolling in tonight.


Crisis? What crisis?


I could hear the sirens. I thought at first I wouldn't go, but then decided to keep hammering at the local health authorities and The City until they understand what's going on.


A couple of weeks later, the BC government told us there's an opiate and fentanyl crisis. But somehow, the City's so-called experts, these ivory tower writers they bring in from the University of the Fraser Valley, who write with a preferred slant, can't, or won't tell us what we already know.


Anyone working on the street, in any capacity from drug counsellors to church chaplains, can tell you there is a huge problem and that people are dying because of it.


I told this council about the drug crisis in an open council meeting and was snubbed. In fact, I was cut-off and not even allowed to say what needed to be said.


One way to help people understand is through photos. So, I bounced out for a visual.


Thankfully, medics brought this guy back from the dead to where he was actually sitting up on his own and smiling, using what's generally known as "The Save Shot".


Emergency responder vehicles were at Salish Park Friday. attending to an opiate overdose victim.


The Save Shot is a direct blast in the main vein with naloxone (narcan), the same drug anesthesiologists use to bring you back around after a medical procedure.


Frankly, any politician who doesn't get the issue by now, should be given The Boot Shot.




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