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New app allows potential buyers to tour homes

Michelle Martin, StudioThink 


urrey-based tech firm, RTP Solutions Ltd., used the latest real-time communications (RTC) technology to build an innovative new tool for the real estate market. 


SmartShow allows realtors to show a home to multiple remote buyers with just a few clicks.

With SmartShow, buyers can see a home through a realtor’s eyes, interact by asking questions, and feel like they are standing and walking around the home in person—all with their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Realtors using SmartShow can save their remote clients the price of multiple plane tickets by connecting all buyers in a group—local and remote—at once. Realtors can also save time by doing just one showing for each buyer group, instead of multiple. It also allows remote and local buyers to communicate with each other, and get answers to questions immediately while seeing the home at the same time.

While SmartShow currently runs on smartphones and tablets, it will also support what are known as SmartGlasses - Android powered 

wearable eyewear. SmartShow is the first application created for real estate sales to use SmartGlasses. SmartShow will run on the Vuzix M300 SmartGlasses, which will be released in mid to late 2016. Even though purchasing and using SmartGlasses is not required to use the application, Ted Venema, VP Business Development at SmartShow, believes they are the most ideal way to use the platform.

“This is cutting edge technology being used in a very straightforward way, and that’s exactly the reason we developed SmartShow. There’s nothing else like it on the market right now. Using SmartShow with SmartGlasses will definitely provide the best home showing experience,” he states.

Jim Titus, REALTOR© at Homelife Benchmark Titus Realty in Surrey, is also excited about the possibilities SmartShow brings to the real estate community.

"Showing a home with SmartShow is easy, fun and saves time - both for myself, and for my overseas buyers." - Jim Titus, REALTOR©

In addition to real-time showings, SmartShow allows buyers to view a video of the showing after it’s completed, and share it with friends and family. Buyers won’t have to take notes or remember if they had a concern about the home, as they can just review the video for answers.

Created with worldwide buyer collaboration in mind, SmartShow is also a useful marketing tool for realtors. A generic showing can be recorded to use on MLS, brokerage websites, social media and more. Showing pages highlight nearby schools, parks and points of interest, and pull information from MLS automatically, allowing prospective buyers to see all the information they need in one convenient and realtor-branded portal.

Although any realtor can sign up for an account or subscribe for future updates on the platform at, only BC realtors are currently being granted access to SmartShow's 30 day free trial. SmartShow will be working closely with local realtors to help them discover the difference real-time communication (RTC) can make in their sales, with both local homebuyers and overseas investors, before opening the platform up to other provinces and states.

About SmartShow
SmartShow is a simple real estate sales solution, developed by RTP Solutions, that makes home showings easier than ever. Using the latest communication technology, SmartShow allows realtors, local buyers, and remote buyers to connect in real-time. Remote buyers see a home through the eyes of the person performing the showing, and with two-way communication, they can ask questions and participate, just like everyone is in the same room. Remote buyers don’t need to download anything, and they can participate in seconds on a desktop, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world. SmartShow is a one-of-a-kind real estate selling solution.

About RTP Solutions Ltd.
RTP Solutions Ltd. is a growing Surrey, BC based development team led by brothers, Anton and Jerod Venema. The Venema brothers joined forces in 2008 to develop leading WebRTC (Web-based Real Time Communications) software for which they've won numerous awards. They are now parlaying their WebRTC expertise into products, like SmartShow, that are designed to fulfill a specific industry need. WebRTC is commonly used in many industries including telehealth, online meetings and remote education.

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