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Size Matters

Ladder One truck and crew assists paramedics

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Firefighters help paramedics gain access to a suite on Spadina last Wednesday. Below, a door breaching tool is passed over.


here are times in a medical emergency situation, when a door can't be opened for some reason, such as when a person is up against it on the inside. This is what happened at the 8-storey apartment building in the 45000-block of Spadina Avenue.

While on a medical call to the Spadina Regency on Wednesday afternoon, BC Ambulance Services paramedics found that they couldn't gain access to a 6th-floor suite through the door.

So what did paramedics do? They did the only thing they could, and called upon the services of the City of Chilliwack Fire Department.

If access is way up, then it's necessary to bring in CFD's Ladder One truck to assist.

A Ladder One firefighter checks their riggings.

Crews were able to access the balcony from a lot at the back side of the building. Once the truck was in place, and then stabilized, two firefighters rode up in the bucket. One climbed over, unclipped, and the other passed over a door breach tool in case it was needed.

Paramedics watched from another balcony.

Crews knew what to do before they got there and drove the truck right up to the spot. There were no obstacles and they had the ladder up in just a few minutes.








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