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NDP Has Strayed from Its Roots

More value should be placed on small, mixed farms in exchange for votes

Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Chilliwack


am 95 on June 5th, and very poor and I have already given twice this year. 


What I want is to advise the leadership about a very important and large part of the Canadian population, small farmers.


I have written about them several times and only once received a reply showing what I said was considered. That was from Seonaigh MacPherson, but too late, two weeks before the election. 

What is even worse, since then, I have written these concerns urgently many times and not once have I received a response showing any interest in them. 


I would guarantee that hundreds of thousands of votes for the NDP would result if small farmers from coast to coast were considered valuable for our economy, and for their own prosperity.


In the days of Tommy Douglas, it was farmers who received his attention and provided the most votes. Experimental farms, District Agriculturists and Home Economists, district hospitals, nearby small schools and a network of passenger railways made local education, sports and community living a joy. 


Now a farmer, his wife and youth, each need a car or light truck to get to school and a second job. They cannot make a living on their farm because there is no marketing system for their fruit and vegetables, eggs and poultry products. In a few places a farmers’ market is open only June to September and very few people go to them, because American and Mexican fruit and vegetables are cheaper, and available all year. 


Farmers have been fined for “stealing” Monsanto seed, when it was the wind and bees that contaminated their fields.


Four H clubs no longer thrive because there are too few youth living on nearby farms.  Neighbors have sold out to agribusiness. 


The NDP must stop this ruining and wastage of our fertile land by absentee one crop owners.  They buy up many small farms and only camp there for a few days in the spring to put the crop in, and to harvest it in the autumn. They grow only wheat and no other grains, except perhaps Canola and have no live stock and no gardens. Many beautiful farm homes, barns and their landscaped yards fall into decay.

Mixed farms are the answer, because they can sell a great variety of produce all year-round if there is a year-round mobile marketing program.

Please take me seriously. 

This letter was written by Myrtle Macdonald to MLA Tony Bui, Director for the Young New Democrats of Canada.




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