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Out in Solidarity

MLA Mark hosts Labour Choir and sing-along with the Welcome Protocol by Cecilia Point, Musqueam Nation

Earle Peach/Solidarity Notes



n May 1st, a taste of the old will become a doorway to the new, as a sing-along tradition dating back to the 1930's and earlier is revived for a modern audience. Pete Seeger claimed he first heard the term in the late 30's to describe a fundraising event for a New Deal Social Club; likewise this hootenanny, at the Unitarian Church at 49th & Oak (7 pm), is a fundraiser, for the VUC Refugee Committee, Raise the Rates and the Solidarity Notes Labour Choir.


In 1962 Joan Baez described a hootenanny as being for folk music what a jam session is for jazz. So what's a hootenanny these days?


Hosted by MLA Melanie Mark, this event will feature songs presented by four different choirs, as well as the Vancouver Folk Song Society, and singer and performer Kesseke Yeo; all the songs have been chosen for maximum "singalongability" and the words will be projected on a screen to encourage the audience to join in.


This gathering is on unceded Coast Salish Territory. Cecilia Point member of the Musqueam Nation will do the welcoming protocol.

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