Tuesday, April 12, 2016 


You're Wrong!  

Chilliwack reader doesn't care for Voice report

Adrian Vandenberg, Chilliwack 


our story on Lindsey Gauther is the worst public reporting I've seen.Like Lindsey I too know many business owners in chilliwack .The information you posted is not intack...some untruthful.

He also owns Quiznos out at the mall..he owns and built the Old JC building to its former business condition...where three popular buissness conduct affairs.He was lived and respected by 100s of people,he was kind,loving and extreamly generous.He was currently still battling his addictions and had years of success.Its tragic the events and struggle he endured....and the people who he even in his state still helped.He employed people..treated them very well he was amazing in his line of work.He influenced many people to do better for themselves....his life was not as you described.....and he restored the laundry matt to its current state...placed money to make it a store a carwash and laundry.....he gave away...food,money,and helped others into treatment.I'm disgusted with this sort of trash and lack of investigiation....I've worked with Lindsey...he's a very accomplished muscian who just built a state of the art studio in his building..and had planes to help new talent.He was planning on selling all his business...which¬  were just recently sold not because he was a failure....becouse he wanted to stay sober....and the only way he knew he could was to give back.....and he was in the works of his next endevor...to build a place for homeless to come and have a feeding program...with God as the target..of intent...he was ashamed of Ruth and niomies....as we all are at there failure and sell out to be funded by government ..and the faith based organization it began as.You know nothing of a good man....fighting a darkness we all have.......he left a great impact ..on his friends,family and community.Come to his service,write real news....not garbage you toss out as intelligent media information.If you'd done a reputable job...it's easy to find people who will inform you how nice and caring and loving he was.Many in the community had many posts and comments removed...and the writers,editors,....took them off.If u want a real interview....I'll bring dozens of people or contacts you can .....learn the truth........this article hurt me...and I think any family and friends would find it out of context too......think about that......next time you throw together.....,a story......

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