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Hey, Got a Light?

Treasure hunter seeks owner of a lover's Zippo

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ometime in 2002, likely in the spring or summer, someone reached for their lighter and it was gone. They looked everywhere without luck. 


Fourteen years later there's Jack (not his real name) there with his trusty metal detector and he finds it while mooching along a creek in Maple Ridge near 207th St. after the machine alerted him to something in the weeds.

He reached down, poked around a bit and pulled out a rusted old Zippo lighter.

To an experienced treasure hunter like Jack, finding coins, necklaces, rings etc. happens now and is fairly commonplace. But rarely, do you ever find anything with someone's name on it — let alone two names. But this item has “Sean” engraved on one side and “Love Kirsten” on the other side.

Metal detector enthusiasts like to find lost things for people. To them, there's nothing better than to go out on a mission for a lost ring at a park or beach, find it, and return it. It’s hard to imagine the satisfaction the hunter has at that moment they call the person to tell them they found their ring.

One of Jack's other big finds was a silver spoon that he believes is from Scotland, possibly 1820 era. After this latest find, Jack is on a mission to find the owner and is looking to Voice readers for some leads.

“I’ve dated the lighter at 2002 and would like to see this story unfold, and find the giver or the receiver of this lighter,” he told The Voice in an email last week.

If you know a Sean and Kirsten, please e-mail The Voice and we’ll hook you up with Jack.

Jack is a member of the Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters who frequently hold club hunts.

Club organizer Mark Lewis says the next treasure hunt of the month will take members to Port Douglas.

I have received numerous enquiries about this road trip. I am going up on the 23rd, Not everyone needs to do this. I can take passengers with me but you had better bring a tent

Lewis says they can go as a Convoy if any wish. He wants to give members and prospective members, lots of lead time, in case they need to take time off work, or whatnot. According to Lewis, there are 3 ways to get there. One of them, the overland route, is not being looked at this time.

"So that leaves 2 ways, depending on where you live. Both the of the routes are about the same distance. This is a rustic place, do not kid yourself. I do not know if they have fixed the Genset. So I am going, not expecting ANY electricity. We'll get our water from a hose out of their reservoir. There is NO running water. Bring a bucket to fill from the hose, to flush the toilet with," explained Lewis.

"There is more you will need to know, but these are the important things you should know if you are thinking about coming along. We will talk about it at the meeting on the 5th," he says.

"Please wait till after the meeting and the next email before asking a lot of questions. I am really looking forward to this trip," concludes Lewis.

• Friday April 23rd
• Saturday April 24th
• Sunday April 25th




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