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More Cash For School District 

Chilliwack spoke, the Ministry listened

Carrie Pratt, SD33 SB/Supt. Evelyn Novak, file photo


s recently reported, the Ministry of Educationís preliminary funding announcement relative to enrollment indicated a shortfall in the recent provincial budget allocations to school districts.


Boards of Education facing continuous cuts and imposed administrative savings were facing major budget decisions that would ultimately negatively impact student learning supports and programs. Subsequently, Boards of Education, through their provincial association, the BCSTA, lobbied the Ministry to advise the government of the omission in the budget.

Boards of Education working with the BC Association of School Business officials and the BC School Superintendents Association to clearly identify and detail the shortfall in education funding, met with the Ministry to advise government of the seriousness of the situation.


The Ministry listened, recognized the impact on student services and programs, and rectified the situation immediately which would allow Boards to meet their current budget timelines.


If this is an indicator of the future of co-governance in public education, our students will be the ultimate beneficiaries.


With this adjustment, the operating grant funding for the 2016/17 school year for the Chilliwack School District was increased from $116,864,902 to $117,552,247.


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