Tuesday, April 12, 2016 

Crime News


Chilliwack police deal with thefts and domestic fights

Staff/Voice photos 


A man sits in a police cruiser last week after being arrested for theft.


rime, they tell us is decreasing. But we're still seeing a steady stream of arrests all over Chilliwack for petty crimes and thefts and problems between people such as fights and disturbances.


Last week, police swooped in on a suspect on Young Rd. who was seen breaking into vehicles. A local, followed the man, and was able to give police a description and his whereabouts, which made the apprehension a simpler process.


On another call, Mounties and local security people came across a man and woman arguing in an alley off of Nowell Ave.


Griffon Security boss peers out from behind a telephone pole at the scene of a domestic disturbance last Wednesday.


Police spoke with the couple and were able to calm the situation down.




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