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Chilliwack Shooting

Man dies on Princess Ave after allegedly being shot in the face

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The sister of the victim (red) breaks down when she learns of her brother's death early Monday evening.


hat began as a warm and beautiful Monday evening, suddenly turned into a chilling nightmare for the family of a man who was reportedly shot in the face around 6 P.M. in a home located at Princess Ave. and Nowell St.


People ran for cover as gun shots rang out in Chilliwack's poorest postal code and toughest neighbourhood.


"There were 4 shots, and as soon as I heard that, I got my daughter inside," said a nearby resident at the scene. "It sounded like a .22 to me. I've been around guns my whole life, I know guns."


Reports were, it was a .22 rifle that was used. But that hasn't been confirmed by police.


Ambulance paramedics did all they could to save him, to no avail.


IHIT took over the investigation Monday evening and said during a media scrum at the location early Tuesday afternoon, that the shooting suspect was still at large.


A source close to The Voice who was at the scene Monday, said the victim was Dave Williams.


At a media scrum Tuesday, Sgt. Stephanie Ashton, Media Relations Officer for IHIT, confirmed the victim was the 33-year-old Williams. She could say little else other than the investigation was ongoing, and that more information may be available later.


The house on Princess where a man was shot and killed on Monday. Below, victim Dave Williams' Facebook photo.


A number of witnesses have come forward and from this, investigators are piecing together the circumstances leading up to the death of Mr. Williams. We continue to seek the assistance of anyone who was in the area of Princess Avenue at approximately 7:00 p.m. last night, said Ashton in a release Tuesday.


The shooting happened at a known trouble spot, and "revamped" crack shack tucked in behind Bibles for Missions, just a stone's throw from Ruth and Naomi's.


The house, with its tall steel bar fence, looked more like a jail with residents and people who were there at the time being questioned by police.


According to locals, the house where the shooting took place has a very checkered past. It was cleaned up last year, renovated with new tenants, and then was recently sold.


Unfortunately for residents, that's when the whole neighbourhood came apart at the seams. Drug addicts moved in, took over the place and the home's interior was literally torn apart.


"There were 60 people one day through there, I know, I live right there," said one local, pointing across the street up the alley.


A man holding his daughter walks by the crime scene Monday. Below, an RCMP investigator speaks with a witness in front of the house where the shooting took place.


"This is what happened," he said. "Williams beat up his pregnant girlfriend. Real bad. It like put her in the hospital. Then a friend of hers apparently laid a 'hit' on him."


"I don't know why he stayed around after the threat was made," said the source. "But if it was my pregnant daughter he beat up like that, I would have laid a beating on him."


Police barricaded and taped off  Princess Ave at Nowell St. completely.


One resident blames Ruth and Naomi's Mission for all the foot traffic, calling it a  "magnet for trouble."


"As soon as that place opened there were problems," she said.


Ashton said police are asking the public to come forward with any details they may have.


Sgt. Stephanie Ashton, Integrated Homicide Investigation Team speaks with reporters Tuesday.


If you have information contact the IHIT information line at
1-877-551-IHIT(4448) or email here.

If you wish to remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers on the web at www.solvecrime.ca or by phone at 1-800-222-8477.


Watch The Voice for more details as they are learned. See more photos below.



















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