Feature Story                                                    Wednesday April 13, 2016


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Firefighters recover woman in low-key water rescue

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BCAS paramedics wheel a woman who had fallen into Luckakuck Creek to Chilliwack General's Emergency ward Monday.


ust after 9 P.M. Monday, firefighters found themselves doing a search and rescue of their own, when a woman who was alongside Luckakuck Creek, somehow slipped and fell in. At that point she swam across and crawled out onto the opposite bank.


When crews first located the woman off of the 45000-block of Yale Road, they thought they would gain access to her from the south side, off of Brannick Place, however it was a long walk in the dark and firefighter safety is paramount. So it was determined that it would actually be quicker and easier if they reached her from the north side in the Chilliwack Orthodontics parking lot.


Next, they brought in the ladder truck and extended the "bucket" with a firefighter across the creek and got the woman inside it and safely brought her back across.


It's unclear why she was at the creek well after dark, or if she was with someone else at the time. She did appeared to be alright, but may have been slightly hypothermic after being in the creek, and so she was taken to Chilliwack General to be checked out.


Being in and around water at night can be dangerous to one's health. If you need to be there, it's recommended to have someone else with you. As we head closer to summer, the Red Cross has safety tips for all types of water, including pools.



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