Feature Story                                                              Sunday April 17, 2016


Bravura Solo Cadenza

Local maestro adds colour to Chilliwack streets

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Thor Leif Tunold serenades passersby in front of the Royal Hotel.


ut among the cigarette butts and cracked gray sidewalks, at an old broken down piano, sits a master. His edifying sounds carry you down the street. Your spirit inextricably pulled deep into a virtuoso's world of beautiful sonatas and thick melodies.


The man is Thor Leif Tunold, well-known around Chilliwack for his roadside concertos.


It was there in this unlikely place, out front of the old Royal Hotel on Wellington, where I was blessed by the fortune of finding his calibre of talent.


I stood back with my camera, agog, and just snapped.


Each passage a performance in itself. Every euphonious tap on the keys honed and precise. With the skill of a master painter's hands, his fingers move across the keys, somehow finding in each note, the carefree magic of my youth lost decades before.


The piano yields willingly to his demands. From powerful, pounding onslaughts with arms raised majestically, to the faintest of  keystrokes. It's his exclusively, to exploit, or demolish, or nurture as he sees fit. He truly is one of Chilliwack's most sonorant musicians with a lifetime of countless melodies behind him.


A teddy dangles from a bundle of keys stuffed in his pocket, sole witness to years of Tunold's mellifluous levity.

Listen to "I Pray for Peace" by Tunold in its entirety here.

Currently, he is accompanied by Daren Wait, who brings with him vocals, guitars and percussions.

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Help support local musicians by purchasing their CDs. Tunold's CD is loaded with tunes, some you'll recognizable, some not.


Bookings: To have Tunold perform for something like a wedding or party, contact him here.



"A self taught pianist with 50 years on the Ivories, specializing in keyboards. Comparable to Richard Wright of Pink Floyd. The Piano player in The Daren Wait Band. Thor Tunold is a founding father of the Vancouver street musician movement. The first to be granted permission to use amplifiers, and The first to play in Grandville Island. Opening the doors for what is now a Meca for street entertainers. Performing through out BC Canada Thor has touched many people with his magical street performances. Featured In McCleans Magazine Representing Vancouver for the Year 2000. Thor has several outstanding originals and looks forward to sharing on the internet thingy."