Sunday, April 3, 2016 

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Back from the Brink

First responders save the victim of a suspected fentanyl overdose

Staff/Voice photos


A Chilliwack paramedic squats next to a man suspected of a fentanyl overdose Saturday.


n  Saturday, the call went out for a man down in an alley off Third Ave.


When CFD firefighters and BCAS paramedics arrived they found a man slabbed-out on the pavement and near death.


They immediately administered naloxone, the same drug used in the hospital to bring patients out of general anesthesia after an operation.


Thankfully, first responders were able to bring the man out of the suspected fentanyl overdose to where he was able to sit up.


The BC government recently decided to make the drug available to all first responders including police offices and fire fighters. Last week, they took it a step further and announced that the drug would be available to anyone over the counter without a prescription.



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