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WaterWeatlh launches business survey on economy and environmental concerns April 22 - May 22

Released by Shelia Muxlow/WWP


raser Valley businesses are invited to participate in a survey to better understand the crossroads of the region’s economy and environment. Local organization the WaterWealth Project is formally launching the survey on Earth Day (April 22nd), and it will run for one month in the hopes of hearing from many diverse local business owners about their opinions and perspectives on the region’s waterways.

All respondents have a chance to win a lunch for two at a favorite restaurant of their choice, WaterWealth’s treat.

“All too often, conversations about the economy and the environment are pitted against one another,” said Natalie Jones, Community Organizer with WaterWealth. “From our perspective at WaterWealth, the environment and economy walk hand-in-hand -- we can’t have one without the other. So we need to better understand, as a community, the unique ways that the two interact in our region.”

The survey is an online tool, with a series of questions about the strengths and health of the local economy; points of pride that business owners hold for their enterprise and community; in what unique ways different businesses rely on local waterways; and overall opinions of the business community when it comes to issues that affect our home waters.

“It may seem surprising to launch this survey on Earth Day, but we think it is a perfect opportunity to outreach to businesses, what with water and the environment being such an integral part of so many local businesses’ identity -- from agriculture to sport fishing and beyond,” explains Sheila Muxlow, Director of WaterWealth. “We’re really excited to hear from a vast array of respondents. Even beyond the obvious water-reliant businesses in our community, all businesses rely on water in one way or another and we think it is important to hear from them.”

WaterWealth will be doing direct outreach to as many local businesses as possible, including using iPads and visiting business on Earth Day, but is also inviting business owners and associations to complete and help promote the survey through their website link:

The survey will run from April 22nd to May 22nd


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