Friday, April 4, 2014

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Traders Inn Shuts Its Doors

Residents displaced, owners put building on the market

Staff/Voice photos



lywood was unloaded and the Traders Inn on Yale Rd. was boarded up once and for all. The owners evicted all the tenants and slapped a for sale sign on it.


The Voice received reports that Chilliwack Mounties were seen at the troubled residential building during the evictions.


Chilliwack RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Len van Nieuwenhuizen said police were there to ensure a peaceful transition.


"This past week the owner of the property began legal eviction processes of the tenants," said van Nieuwenhuizen. "Bailiffs were present, on behalf of the owner, to serve said eviction notices. The eviction process is a civil one and does not fall under the authority of the Police."


It's unclear how many people were displaced. There are very little low income housing since the Empress Hotel was demolished. The manager on-site was not talking. The building was a known trouble spot and frequented by the police.


We contacted the owners through the website and have not received a response to date.



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