Friday, April 11, 2014

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BCUC Hearings Delayed to 2015

CST accuses BC Liberals of stall tactics

Released by Una St. Clair, CST Langley


e had every expectation that the Civil Lawsuit would be certified by the judge as a Class Action in early summer, 2014.


However, BC Hydro (read BC Liberals) are using every legal tactic possible to delay Class Action certification in the hopes that people will lose interest, be intimidated by ongoing harassment tactics and unfair interim opt out fees into taking a microwave smart meter. 


The judge was agreeable to a quick certification hearing that could have been accomplished in one day, however, BC Hydro's lawyers insisted on five days of hearing using expert testimony on health issues relating to electrosensitivity. The first opening that the judge had available for a full week of hearings was in January of 2015, and so this is now the date set for certification of the class application to commence.

Demanding expert testimony in a certification hearing is very unusual and definitely one of the roadblock tactics being used by BC Hydro (BC Liberals) to subvert democratic process and discourage people from fighting for their rights.


BC Hydro is attempting to confine the hearings to discussions on health, whereas the legal challenge we are bringing is based on Charter rights, with health and rights of autonomy within the residence or business springing from the freedoms and rights enshrined in our Charter. Section 7 of the Charter confirms that we have the right to live safe and free without intrusion by government.


This is the last thing that BC Hydro (definitely read BC Liberals here) wants brought to the fore - that the abusive "Clean Energy Act" is a violation of our Charter rights.

Fortis BC used Exponent as their expert in the BCUC hearings, and it is most likely they will be used by BC Hydro in the certification hearing also. As David Michael says in his book, "Doubt Is their Product", this company has made a reputation for itself all right, but not in a way that should please organizations of integrity.


Exponent is known as a product defense business for cell industry, the asbestos, the petroleum, the tobacco, the beryllium, and the lead industries, as well as defending automobile industry against crashes. Exponent has also mounted defence for MTBE, a highly noxious gasoline additive, and the herbicide atrazine, following their lucrative path of defending dangerous chemicals and environmental pollutants.

The Civil Notice of Claim has now been amended and filed in court for the third time to include Commercial accounts and Section 7 of the Charter arguments. You can access the filed Further Amended Notice of Claim HERE.

You can join and/or support the Class Action HERE


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