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The Big To Do List

Open letter to MP Peter Mackay

Submitted by Myrtle Macdonald


his is the first of at least 25 letters from your fellow MPs, that receives my approval. Until the Conservatives become sensible I will not pay membership.


I live below the poverty line although I have two university degrees and a wealth of experience working in 6 provinces of Canada and four countries overseas. I am retired.


Most of the legislation has been umbrella stuff without details, which only the gullible would trust. Generalities are useless for honest decision-making.

I have written to many of your colleagues, but seldom have they replied, and then in generalities. Obviously they did not bother to read what I said.

My main sorrows and deep concerns are as follows:

1. CEOs and administrators are highly overpaid and that there are too many administrators. There are many layers in the hierarchies of civil servants and in the private sector. No one should be paid more than $150,000 per year.

2. No one should be paid less than $40,000 per year.

3. The wide difference between rich and poor is evil. Pay the top less and hire more professionals and paraprofessionals to do the real work at the grassroots. They know the needs and feasibilities much better than CEOs and administrators do. Let them be voted democratically into leadership by their peers for two year terms, without an increase in pay, except for modest travel.

4. The payment of office staff and office space should not be out of their salary, but separate.

5. I see no need for an ophthalmologist to be paid over $ one million. Some pay for a staff of 4 or 5 and some for more, in three rooms and some in 10. Yet all do similar service.

6. Psychiatrists whose education was as long and as expensive as that of Ophthalmologists are often paid less than $400,000 yet also have office staff and offices to pay for, and their consultations ought to be at least a half hour long, so they have fewer patients.

7. Home care for the elderly and people with chronic illnesses is praised, but there are not enough Home Care Workers hired to visit more than once a week. One bath a week is uncivilized, yet that is all that is possible. Hire more people to provide direct care and cut out the upper levels of the hierarchy. They may have had grassroots experience at one time, but they are out-dated and out of touch.

8. Similar conditions exist in all ministries: parks, forestry, fishing, education, welfare, child care, transportation, agriculture, etc.

9. Stop the importing of hard strawberries, waxed apples, and genetically modified celery, asparagus, lettuce and peppers, etc from the USA or Mexico and promote use of local land for growing fruit and vegetables. It is now used to grow hedging and shrubs for gardens because farmers have nowhere to sell fruit and vegetables. The answer is to have refrigerated container cars on light railways(trams), each serving as six different farmers' markets one day a week.

10. Revive old railway lines and build a new network of them to make it easy to travel about without cars. They are much cheaper, safer and cleaner. See and the Leewood Proposal 84 page report, which are accurate and realistic.

11. When comparing capital costs of road and rail infrastructure don't ignore the maintenance and updating (widening and bridge building). Don't ignore the health care costs due to pollution (respiratory, cardiac, arthritic, mental, etc).

12. Perhaps no one should get a pension from their employment. Why? Because the majority of jobs are now paid by the hour and are so short term, casual and sporadic that there is no employment Insurance, housing, dental, transportation or any other benefits for most Canadians. The poor are getting poorer and the middle class are becoming poor.

13. Strikes now by teachers and health care workers are not so much about salaries, as about heavy work loads. Professionals are dissatisfied because they are so overworked that they cannot maintain high standards.

14. Where will money come from to hire more staff in every ministry? By cutting out bureaucratic staff and paying CEOs and administrators less. If they escape to the USA, let them go. The worthy capable people will work for less.

15. There should be a Senate because of "sobre second thoughts" and because of their valuable committee work, as seen on CPAC TV. However they should not get a salary after they are 65. Let them serve as volunteers as I and millions of elderly people do gratis. Only modest travel expenses are justified.

16. The newsletter sent out monthly by my MP should leave space for comments. The questions should not contain more than one variable, and they should not be vague. It is impossible to say yes or no. There is always some concern to be discussed. Whoever designs them does not have a clue about research. If it is an assistant in the Prime Minister's office, fire him.

About the Myrtle Macdonald

She is has a M.Sc. Applied (in Nursing Research and Education), McGill University.


She is a retired registered nurse living in Chilliwack and now working with the local chapter of the BC Schizophrenia Association. Myrtle was a street nurse for many years in places like India and Montreal. She turned 92 in June and is one of the Voice's most popular contributors.



A Letter from Peter Mackay

Victims have a right to privacy and security

Submitted by Myrtle Macdonald



We believe the justice system must put the rights of victims ahead of the rights of criminals.

That's why Canada's Conservatives promised to rebalance the scales of Canadian justice with a Victims Bill of Rights, including:

a.. Right to information: Victims will have access to information about the justice system, victim services, and specific information about their case.
b.. Right to protection: Victims will have their security and privacy protected during the criminal justice process.
c.. Right to participation: Victims will be able to present a victim impact statement and have their views considered at various stages of the criminal justice process.
d.. Right to restitution: Victims can ask the court to consider restitution when there are easy-to-calculate financial losses
Today, we introduced legislation to ensure victims’ rights are enshrined into law.

Promise made, promise kept.

Only Canada's Conservatives can be counted on to stand up for victims and keep our streets safe.

Watch our newest video on the Victims Bill Of Rights and add your name if you're with us:


Peter MacKay
MP, Central Nova


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