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MMBC adds items to blue box recycling

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n less than a month, BC's beloved blue boxes will be up to new tricks, taking in more recyclables than ever before, thanks to Multi-Material BC (MMBC)'s packaging and printed paper recycling program.


British Columbians will be able to recycle milk cartons, plant pots, aluminum foil packaging, drink cups and many more items through their curbside or multi-family building recycling services, or at local depots when the program launches on May 19.

"This is an important change for residents and helps to increase access to consistent and convenient recycling," says Allen Langdon, Managing Director of MMBC." "Residents will benefit from a new, improved and clear list of materials that can be recycled, resulting in savings of $85 million to BC taxpayers and ultimately the development of more sustainable, recyclable packaging and paper options."

The MMBC program shifts the responsibility for funding recycling services for blue box recyclables from municipal taxpayers to the businesses that manufacture or supply those items to residential consumers.

Starting today, MMBC is launching an advertising campaign to educate people about the new program, which starts to roll-out on May 19, and the new materials that can be recycled.  Advertisements will appear in local newspapers, on radio and TV, and online, pointing residents to visit to find out more about what they can recycle in their local community.  

With the MMBC program, most residents won't see a change in their recycling services, other than being able to add more items to their blue boxes. Some communities will be receiving curbside recycling services for the first time as the packaging and printed paper program is rolled out this year.

"Our aim is to make recycling easier and more convenient for British Columbians," commented Allen Langdon. "By expanding the range of recyclables accepted and shifting the cost from municipal taxpayers to industry, we are aiming to recycle even more in BC and ensure we divert as much blue box materials away from landfill to be recycled into new materials."

A full list of all of the new acceptable materials under the MMBC program, as well as when the program will start rolling out BC communities, is available at

About MMBC

In May 2011, BC's Recycling Regulation was updated to include packaging and printed paper. The regulation shifts the responsibility for managing the residential recycling of packaging and printed paper from regional and municipal governments and their taxpayers to business.

Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) is a non-profit industry-led and financed organization that will assume responsibility for managing residential packaging and printed paper recycling on behalf of industry in May 2014.

More information, including lists of MMBC collectors and members, is available at


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